Introduction: Let Your Nails Do the Talking

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I am a big big fan of Nail Art. It is one of my hobby. I have tried number of nail art on my nails, but this time i am going to work with something different. If you are bored of classic nail art or you want to try out something different then this instructable is for you. In this instructable i am going to embellish my nails using NFC LED Nail Sticker. These stickers add extra sparkle to your nail art and this is so cool way to grab lot of attention and compliments. Also you can do it at home without spending bomb at nail art studios.

Step 1: What Is NFC and How It Works?

The NFC( Near Field Communication) is a set of communication protocol that enables two electronic devices (one of which is smartphone) to establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm range. It only works with Andriod phones. I phone do not work with it.

There is an LED in NFC nail sticker which automatically starts flashing when its near to NFC. The stronger the NFC, more brighter the LED will glow. All you need is to turn ON your NFC function in the phone under settings. Bring the sticker near to NFC, the tiny sticker will power itself in the vicinity of NFC and will start blinking.

Step 2: What Materials You Need to Decorate Your Nails

Of course to start off you must have all the required things with you. All you need is :

1. Dotting Tool

2. Nail striper brush

3. Most importantly " NFC Nail Sticker"

4. Black Nail Paint for base

5. White Nail Paint for stars

6. Top/Base Coat

Step 3: Paint Your Nails With Base Coat

Base coat is applied to provide a good base for your nail art. Also it protects your nails from damaging effects of nail polish and prevents staining. Before applying base coat, make sure your nails are clean and dry. Apply Base coat on each nail. Let it dry completely.

Step 4: Apply a Base Color

I decided to paint stars on each nail using white color. As the stars shine in the dark , the base color should be black which will represent night. So, apply Black color as a base color on each nail. Once it dries up, apply another coat if needed.

Step 5: Paint the Stars

  • Using Nail Art Striper brush dipped in white nail paint, start making shining stars on each nail, leaving the middle finger. As i am going to place the LED sticker on the middle finger, i am going to paint the stars later.
  • Now using dotting tool create small dots all around the stars using white nail paint. These small dots represents neutral stars.

Step 6: Place NFC Sticker on the Middle Finger

  • I had five stickers of various colors red, pink, yellow, blue and green. I used pink one which means the LED will glow in pink color.
  • Peel off the back of the sticker and place it on the middle finger wherever you want to paste it. I am placing it such that the LED comes in the centre.

Step 7: Cover the LED Circuit

Using black nail paint, cover the brown circuit of the sticker except the small rectangular shaped LED inside it. As the Circuit inside is sealed In with a plastic sheet, the LED is safe under nailpaint.

Step 8: Paint Stars on Middle Finger

  • Using white color on striper brush, paint stars above the sticker such that it do not hide the LED (which is small rectangle). This LED when blink will add toast to the Nail Art.
  • Using dotting tool make neutral stars all around the shing stars.

Step 9: Finish With a Top Coat

Allow the paint to completely dry and then seal it with a good top coat for beautiful glossy effect.

Step 10: Yay !! Say Hello to Beautiful Winking Nails

The spotlight is all yours. Make your phone NFC feature ON, Start flaunting your nails. Let the people guess about the secret behind the blinking nails. I have attached a video link to let you know how this is going to work. I hope you guys will surely try it and love it. If you liked my content please vote for me. Thank you so much.

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