Introduction: Let It Snow! Snowman Ornament

This project lets you stay warm while making a snowman inside! This hardy fellow is made of Hearty Clay! Fun for the whole family while making memories!

Materials required:

Hearty Clay

Wax paper Dull pencil, wooden skewer or Stylus

Décor Sand in White

Plastic Hanging ornament that has an opening on the side and loop on the top (crafts store)

Small Christmas tree (optional)

Cup of water

Yellow, black, white, orange acrylic paints with paint brushes

Permanent black marker

Two small twigs for arms


Red felt for scarf

Ribbon to hang ornament on tree or ornament hanger

Ornament hanger

Craft glue

Step 1: Roll Out Ans Stack the Clay

Spray your workspace with water and put down a sheet of wax paper.
Pinch off three pieces of Hearty clay decreasing the size for each ball. The largest piece should be about the size of a walnut and decrease from there. Remember that your snowman needs to fit inside the plastic ornament.

Stack the three balls on top of each other using a brush to wet the surface where they will be put together.

Step 2: Add Features to Your Snowman

Use the dull end of a wooden skewer for eye placement and draw a mouth on as well.

Roll out a tiny carrot shape for the nose and moisten it and place on the snowman.

Make two very small balls and press them flat to make buttons. Using the wooden skewer, mark holes for the buttons. Moisten these and place on middle ball.

Step 3: Make a Little Hat for Your Snowman

Make the snowman’s hat by rolling out a ball the size of a large grape and press flat with your fingers to make the brim of the hat. Roll out a smaller piece of clay and shape into a cylinder shape. Moisten this and place on hat.

Moisten this and place on the head of the snow man.

Step 4: Finish Off the Snowman and Set in the Scene

Take two twigs and push into the sides of the snowman creating arms.

Let dry completely. Brush with Mod Podge and let dry. Paint the hat black, the nose orange and the buttons yellow. Use a permanent marker to draw in eyes and mouth of the snowman.

Let dry. Brush with Mod Podge to seal. Cut a thin strip of felt 4 1/2 “ long and cut into the ends of the scarf making fringe.

Glue this around the neck of the snowman. Cut a piece of ribbon 15” long and tie a loop and bow onto the top of the plastic ornament.

Pour Décor Sand into the bottom of the globe shaped ornament making sure not to overfill. Carefully place your snowman and a small Christmas tree inside the clear ornament.

Hang this on an ornament display hook for more stability. What a beautiful way to display your handiwork and to bring the outside in while staying warm!

Artwork and Photography by Karen Lowrey