Let's Make Japanese Sandals From Old Clothes




Introduction: Let's Make Japanese Sandals From Old Clothes

Do you know the way to make a Japanese sandals? You will think it is difficult. Actually, it is easy to make. Let’s make one by using old clothes!

Step 1: Materials

・old clothes

・sewing kit

・vinyl rope



Step 2: Making Hanao

First, roll up and knit clothes to two ropes. Then twist!

Step 3: Making Toe

Then roll up clothes to a rope. And pull the clothes. Repeat these process.

Step 4: Making Base

Next, knit clothes with four ropes.

Step 5: Weave Hanao Into Base

After that, stick Hanao to the base.

Step 6: Making Heel

Following that, knit like “Step 4”. You will knit to 23cm

Step 7: Sticking Maeo

Finally, stick Maeo to the base.

Step 8: Conclusion

We can make nice Japanese sandals from old clothes. Please try to make it!

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