Introduction: Let's Learn to Learn How to Make Chinese Chess "Xiangqi" Set. I Made It at TechShop.

    To replicate the Chess Set project to create Chinese Chest Set.
    To illustrate how easy it is to replicate a process and make different products at TechShop

    Grab images online for the Chess pieces and Chess Board.
    Use MS Paint to make each unique piece squares and save a jpg.
    Similarly, size the Chess Board and save to jpg.
    Import the chess pieces and scale to 0.5" each.  Make whole set for the black pieces.
    Make a circle with 1.0" diameter and make Black color. 
    Make another circle with 0.8" diameter and fill with White color.
    Position the white circle concentric with the larger black circle.
    Copy and paste to make 7 circles.  There are7 unique pieces on the board.
    Copy and paste each of the unique pieces to the center of the circles.

    Copy and paste individually each of the unique pieces.  Invert the color of make the unique white pieces.
    Copy and paste to make to make full set fo the white pieces.
    Position the pieces to ready for Laser Edging and Cutting.

     In the reference links, one could observe that there a few variations.  The King piece on each opposing side are written differently.
Also, the other pieces as well.  Only the Rook and Knight were written the sample.
     The color could be black vs red or green vs red, etc.

Laser Edging and Cutting:
     If using pre-painted with clear lacquer finished board, the wood is all.
     If using raw plywood, sand the plywood, air blast the dust off the board, and finish with clear lacquer.  Let is dry for 30 minutes.
     Use masking tape to cover the surfaces.
     Laser edge and cut the pieces.   Use 1/3 the power for normal rastering to produce the black (burned wood) surfaces.
     Pickup the chess pieces.  Peel off the masking tape to review the white surfaces.

From Concept to Finish Products:
     The time from concept to final product could be safely said to be 3 days.  I attached the finished Corel Draw and final photo.

Stay Tune for actual game and variation for the games videos.  Have you wondered why I change the circular pieces to square pieces?  I will reveal it after a week.