Introduction: Liberty Bell Ornament

Below are instructions detailing how I made this simple liberty bell ornament. I made this as a project for my high school engineering class. Its design is purposefully simplistic to allow a range of 3D printers to be able to reliably print it. This instructable comes with a .stl file.

Step 1: Making the Bell Body

I started with an egg shape that I cut in half. I then used a series of shapes to cut the half egg into a top hat shape. I then added a curved bottom and ring to the top hat shape.

Step 2: Making the Handle

I started with 3 rectangular solids and 2 wedge shapes that I put together. I then added a wedge shaped hole to the underside of the handle. The shapes connecting the handle to the bell body were made of wedges and rectangular solids.

Step 3: All the Pieces

Here is a picture of all the pieces. It also shows the bell in different stages of assembly. Note the half egg shape hole cutting into the bottom of the bell and the hole cutting into the side of the bell to form the crack.

Step 4: Exploded View

Here is another view of all the pieces of the bell.

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