Introduction: Lifeguard Suit for Cats

Hi, this is an idea that came up from some situations in my neighborhood that involves cats and dogs.

One day I was walking on the street when I heard dogs barking, first I tought like the dogs were fighting, like in every moment they would bite the kids that were playing in the street, but as I walked, I saw that they were three dogs against a cat! Three against one! and one of the dogs was biting the cat´s leg , and the cat was on his back scratching the dog´s faces, and then all the neighbors ran with water and stuff to distract the dogs so the cat could run and fortunately it works. We didn't let our cat go outside like for a week, eventually we let her play outside.

One of those days we heard a lot of noise in the front door, it was our cat "Megara" scratching the door and screaming, my mom saw a dog biting Megara's back , she freaked out! (megara and my mom),she tried to scare away the dog, when he finally drop megara, she ran and climbed a tree, we finally grab her, she was so hard like a statue.

So I wanted to do something to protect her just in case something similar could happen again, I hope you could find it useful too.

Things you will need:

-Felt fabric

-Plastic (the thiniest you could find)

-Sewing Machine(optional, you could use needles and threads)





For "the liquid":

-lemon juice

-garlic juice



-Chili powder

Step 1: Pattern

To make a suit we have to do the patterns first, take the measures of your cat of the neck,the large of the body(back) and chest, I made a pattern of two parts in the newspapaer first to see the real size of the waistcoat, the larger pattern is for the part of the back and tho other pattern is for the chest .

Once you are sure that is the correct size, put the patterns on the fabric and cut.

Step 2: Pin It

Use some pins to put in place the pieces to verify everything match,if it don't check the measures and cut extra fabric or if it's too tiny , well make a new one .

Sew the velcro to the bottom part (the chest part).

Step 3: Plastic Part

Use just the back's pattern, just that part is going to be covered, put it in the plastic and cut, we need to make two pieces because we are going to make like a bag to pour the liquid in it.

Make sure the pieces are identical, and then put them together as they were one.

Step 4: Sew,sew and Sew

First sew the suit, just the suit .

Try to put it to your cat to see if you have to fix something, we are still in time to do changes to the suit.

Then sew the plastic parts (the two parts together as one), to the fabric.

ATTENTION: leave a part without sewing because we need to fill it with the liquid.

If you have a sewing machine this part will be easier, if you don't, well it's not a problem but maybe sew the plastic to the fabric will be difficult , just try to do the needlework tight.

Step 5: The Liquid

To make the liquid you just have to mix all the ingredients, I measured the amount of the ingredients in tablespoons , I put 4 tablespoons of each thing.

When your doing this step try to hold breathing while you're adding the chili and cinammonn powder because if you inhale that you'll have problems to breathe :S trust me.

This liquid is also useful to train dogs, avoiding biting furniture or peeing in some places.

This ingredients don't hurt any animals, just the combination makes a terrible smell that chase anyone who smell it.

Step 6: Fill It

Once you have the liquid done and the suit complete, fill the plastic bag with the liquid , use a funnel to fill the bag.

Step 7: Sew Again

Carefully sew the part you skipped before .

Then the suit it's done.

Step 8: Dress Your Cat

Now put the suit to your cat :)

I just dressed Megara with this when we let her play outside, if a dog wants to attack her again and bites her or if she get in her back the plastic will brake and the awful smell will get away, chasing anyone close to her, specially dogs.

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