Introduction: Lift to Router, Easy and Cheap

This project was made some time ago and at the time did not think about publishing. So the sequence of photos was not very detailed. But for the simplicity of the project and some photos you can get a good idea of the project. Both at the time and today, I have seen other similar projects. However what differentiates this project from others is its simplicity of construction and the way of use.

You can fix the bit in the router and make a preset with the not yet attached equipment the table making it easier to use.

The router is fully attached to the device. Subsequently the set + device is fixed to the table.

My inspiration came from a 2009 publication. In Woodworking Talk "Poor Mans router lift".


2 x 32cm Metalon 20x30mm;
1 x 28cm Metalon 20x30mm;

3 x 5.0 x 20mm fixing screws (router> structure);

50 cm flat bar 7/16 x 1/8 ";

40 cm 3/8 "round iron;

4 butterfly nuts

1 ½ "nut;

15 cm ½ "threaded bar;

1 ¼ x 5 "screw;

2 ¼ nut;

1 ¼ washer.

1 x 25 mm bearing;

Wood 5 x 5 cm

Step 2: Steel Structure

The metal frame is very simple.
PHOTO 1-2> Weld the three pieces of metalon, the two of 32cm are vertical and the 28cm horizontal

In the upper part it has made a hole ½ "and one soldier nut ½";

Photo 3-6 > was welded two bars plates of 7/8 "x 20cm on each side. The holes were made according to the screws of the table;

On one side of the structure were welded two pieces of round bar 5/16 "and the other side only one also of 5/16".

At the other end of the 5/16 round bar "was welded a small piece of flat bar of 7/16 x 1/8" with a hole in the center.

Detail to be observed is that to have a perfect fit this part in the process of assembling the structure, where were welded the round bars of 5/16 ", the equipment was coupled to the structure.

Step 3: Handle

PHOTO 7-9> At one end of the threaded bar, roughen until the tip snaps into the bearing bore;

At the other end a chamfer was made to allow the recess in the flat bar that had served as the crank arm.

PHOTO 10-14> Next step and prepare a flat bar piece of 12-15cm. On one side a ¼ "hole was made to fix ¼ x 5" bolt;

At the other end a 5/16 "bore was made and with a jig saw the contours were given to fit the fit on the threaded rod;

To finish this step the assembly is done as the photos show.

Photo 15 > On a piece of wood of 5 x5 cm, was eito a hole in the center of 25mm and subsequently docked the bearing;

Step 4: Assembly

PHOTO 17 - 19> Show the overlap of the structure on the tupi and the screws for fixing;

Note the image 19 of the subject have not put four arms for fixing the router. The depth limiter would have to be excluded.

Step 5: Fixing the Table

The next step is to fix the set router + structure to the table.

The photos 20 – 25 shows for better viewing the table was placed inverted.

Note the table fixing screws;

Fit the assembly and threaded the nuts to secure the assembly to the table

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