Introduction: Light Panel for Flipbook Animation

Recently, my 9 year old son has shown interest in sketching and flip book animation. In one of the tutorial videos on Youtube, the tutor used a light panel and he wanted one too.

So in this instructable, I will share how we made a A6 size light panel and yes my son helped me build this. Some of the design aspect came from him

Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • Plywood frame ( 2" x 7" X 5") - 15mm or 9/16"
  • Acrylic sheet ( about 0.5MM or 1/64 inch )
  • LED Strip ( white Led 3228, 12V )
  • 5.5x 2.1mm DC Socket
  • 9v AC to DC adaptor
  • News paper cutting
  • Wires
  • PVA glue
  • Soldering iron
  • Cutter

Step 2: Main Body

  • I had made this in past for my bluetooth speakers, but were too large for that project, And had been lying around since 2 years
  • While looking for items to build this project I found this and decided to use it as the inner side was same as the A6 page size
  • To build this frame
    • Use 15 mm or 9/16" plywood
    • Cut two strips each for 7" x 2" and 4" x 2"
    • Sandwich the smaller piece with two larger ones
    • Glue the joints and nail them, to hold position
    • Let it dry for a day
  • Paint the frame with white acrylic paint, let it dry
  • Use PVA glue ( diluted in water 2:1 ratio) to stick newspaper cuttings
  • We basically used the daily garfield joke and some drawings from the news paper
  • Coat the pva solution on top of the picture too, let it dry for few hours

Step 3: Power Connection

  • Initially was planning to fit a 9V battery but we decided to use a power adaptor
  • Drill 11mm hole or as per the dc socket
  • Stick the LED strip exactly at the center, as show.
  • Glued the strip as it was not sticky enough
  • Connected the wires to the DC socket and tested the strip works with the adaptor

Step 4: Top and Bottom

  • Trace the main body frame on acrylic frame ( frosted )
  • Cut two pieces
  • One stick on the top and th other on the bottom
  • Add a aluminium foil at the bottom before closing it
  • Use PVA glue to stick acrylic sheet to wooden frame

Light it up and start using it for flipbook animation

Hope you like this. Please share your comments