Introduction: Light Pendant From Recycled Wine Bottles

Materials used:

3 wine bottles

aluminium foil


3 bulbs

1 electric terminal connector (With 2 pairs of connector screws)

3 unswitched lampholders/sockets

Clear transparent electrical cable with 2 core

A transparent pen

Sanding paper

Tools used:

Angle grinder with diamond disc

jigsaw, drill, screwdriver, hot glue gun

Step 1: Cutting the Wine Bottles

This project was my first attempt to cut bottles.

My first attempt to cut the bottles was to use the burning technique. I soaked a piece of string in rubbing alcohol and then tied it around the bottle exactly where i wanted the cut. Then I ignite the string and let it burn for some time. When the bottle was hot enough, I placed it in a bucket of ice water. The bottle was in two pieces in no time, but to my disappointment, it was not a perfect cut. As I had only 3 bottles, i could not afford to make mistakes. So I decided to try something else. Using a grinder with a diamond tile blade (the one with a continuous rim), I tried to cut the second bottle. This time it was better. So, I cut the 3rd bottle as well as corrected the first bottle using the grinder.

After this was done, I sanded the edges of the bottles using a stone sharpener and sand paper.

Step 2: Adding the Electrical Parts

I added the socket cap through the transparent electrical cord, added a knot on the cord, and then connected the lead and neutral wires to the 2 terminal screws on the socket. It is important to add the knot so that the weight of the pendant does not rely on the 2 terminal screws but on the socket itself. To hide the bulb-holder, I wrapped it loosely in a piece of aluminium foil. (I have squeezed the aluminium foil first to make it glittery and then molded it in a cone shape.)

Step 3: The Ceiling Base for the Pendants

For the ceiling base, I used a piece of PVC tube. I have cut it in half and screwed a piece of wood at each end.

Step 4: Glued a Piece of a Pen's Transparent Cover to the Ceiling Base

I have drilled 3 holes at equivalent distances in the PVC. Using an old transparent pen cover, I have cut 3 pieces (1 inch each) and inserted them in the holes. Next, added some hot glue to secure them in place. Fortunately, the hole inside the pen cover was just tight enough for the cord.

After that, I glued some squeezed aluminium sheet on the PVC.

Step 5: Fixing the Pendant

I have added 3 hook screws in the ceiling where the pendants were and then tied the pendants' cords to the hooks. I have used an electrical terminal connector to connect the wires to an existing bulb wires. Then, I lifted the ceiling base up to cover the wires. The hole in the piece of pen was tight enough for the pendant cord. So the ceiling base will not go down by itself. (It is the cord that is holding the ceiling base in place).

Hope this was helpful.

Please feel free to share your views/comments.

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