Introduction: Light Rush ! Who Has the Fastest Light !?

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Play any game is cool and fun but when you can create it by yourself it is definitely better !
So I am used to play with arduino and ledstrip so I have done a ligh race with it. Let's explain how to have fun and play doesn't matter your age because you can make play your grand parents and your children with it :)

Step 1: Let's Review the Material

It is cheap to do, especially if you refurbish few parts.
What you will need:

- 1 x arduino nano or any other kind of arduino

- 4 x arcade buttons

- 1 x wood case (get an old wine wood case)

- 1 x 5 volts power supply (old phone charger)

- 1 meter of adressable ledstrip

- few cables

It will cost you an overall of 15€ max

Step 2: The Assembly and the Arduino Code

According to the code, you have to connect the 4 buttons to the arduino :
- put the red button on the pin 8

- put the green button on the pin 9

- put the blue button on the pin 10

- put the yellow button on the pin 11

For every buttons there are extra connections on the ground and the 5v.

Then you put the led strip DN on the pin 6 and the power supply straight on the led strip.

Then you have to put the power supply on the Vin and the ground on the arduino.

For the wood case, I just drilled 4 holes to the right size of the arcade buttons and tidy up all cables.

I shared the arduino code here :

You just need to upload the code on the arduino.

Step 3: Just Play !

I already used it in several party and maker faire in France People love it :)

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