Introduction: Light Seeking Robot

About: i am in class 11 and i like making rc cars and other rc stuffs i also like making unique models .

well this robot is my first robot and ic am happy that i made it correctly. first i tried to make a line following robot but was unable to make it good enough to follow a line, quit unhappy about it but now lets get started. this is my summer holiday work .

Step 1: Material

the material required are:-
1. 2 geared motor
2. a base
3. 2 photodiode
4. 2 × 555 timer ic
5. 4 × 10k fixed resistance
6. 9 v battery , battery clip and a multicolor LED /{ optional}

Step 2: Circuit

the circuit is quit easy and all you have to do is fix all the components according to circuit. better if you place the LDRs separate so that it is easy to place.

Step 3: Body

i use dc geared motor from CD drive. now when you have crosschecked the circuit you can switch on the power supply and see it work. make sure that it runs straight.

Step 4: Some Problems and Its Ready

the only problem is that it is hard to change the direction { it will but it will take time} but you can play with it at night by focussing a torch at photocells } , also you can attach a multicolor led and it would look great.

now its complete ! have fun. :) ;)

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