Introduction: Light Up Birthday Numbers

I really wanted to get some giant numbers for an upcoming 50th birthday party! I'm really trying to be more eco-friendly though, so balloons were out of the question.

I came up with this cheap and cheerful project. It didn't take long to make and gave the effect I was looking for. It was also under $20 to make and most could be recycled or reused

Step 1: Cut Foam Board Into Numbers

I cut the foam board into a 5 and 0, one sheet for each number. The numbers were approx 14" wide and 30" in height.

Step 2: Add Fairy Lights

I used 2 strings of lights for each number and taped them to the foam board. I did a DNA strand shape, to cover as much of the numbers that I could. Make sure that the power box for the batteries is at the bottom of the numbers, for balance

Step 3: Cover With Tissue Paper

I covered the number with tissue paper. I didn't worry too much about the back, since it was going to be propped on a mantle

Step 4: Holes for Neon Lights

After the tissue paper, I punctured carefully through the tissue paper and foam board. This is how the neon lights would be secured to the board

Step 5: Add Neon String

This is optional, I only did it because I found the neon string. For this, I cut the twist wire that came with it into pieces about an inch in length. I then folded the wire around the neon string then pushed them to the back of the foam board and twisted them so they would hold the neon in place.
As with the fairy lights, make sure the power box is at the bottom of the number, to keep it balanced.

Step 6: Finish Up!

Tape the power boxes firmly to the back of the numbers, put in batteries and turn them on!

Step 7: Success!

I really like how it turned out, and I got many compliments and questions about how I did it.

Step 8: Recycle & Reuse!

When I took it all apart, the foam board and tissue paper was recycled. The fairy and neon lights were packed up and will be used again!