Introduction: Light-Up LED Pokeball

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Make a glowing Pokeball for your keychain, backpack, or just to toss around!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

  • Two-piece clear plastic ornament ball (mine are about 3 1/2" diameter)
  • Black permanent marker
  • Polyester stuffing (fiberfill)
  • LED (white)
  • 3 volt button-cell battery (2032 or similar)
  • Optional: Ball-chain and/or split-ring keychain holder

These items can be salvaged, found at local craft & hardware stores, or purchased online.

Step 2: Draw a Circle

For these 3 1/2" diameter ornaments, a 1-inch circle looks about right. Try to center the circle around the hanger part of the ornament and draw the circle with a black permanent marker. You can use a pre-made stencil or make your own: trace a round object onto paper or card stock and cut out the circle. Freehand drawing works too!

Step 3: Paint the Circle and Center Band

Using black permanent marker or black paint, trace the circle you drew in Step 2, on the inside of the ornament. This makes the "button" on the front of the Pokeball.

Also paint the recessed stripe where the ornament halves join, on both halves, stopping at the edge of the "button" circle. When you put the pieces together (after they dry), you should have a black stripe around the middle of the ball and a circle on the front.

Step 4: Color or Paint the Red Half

Pick one half of the ball to color red, again on the inside of the ornament.

You can use acrylic paint or permanent marker, or get creative and glue in pieces of red tissue paper, fabric, glitter, or anything else you can think of! Whatever you use should be fairly translucent and will need to be attached to the inside of the ball so it stays in place when the ball is opened and closed.

Optional: add white to the "button" circle to make it stand out a bit more from the white half of the ball.

Step 5: Light It Up, Tape It Up

Look closely at your LED, you should find that one "leg" is longer than the other. Line up the battery so that it will slide between the LED legs with the + side of the battery facing the longer leg of the LED. The + side is generally the larger, flatter side and should have a small + engraved or marked on it.

insert the battery and gently squeeze the LED legs together until the LED lights up. If it doesn't work, double-check that the battery is facing the right way, or just try flipping it. Occasionally an LED will fail, so it's worth trying another, especially if you have a salvaged LED.

Use a small piece of (non-conductive) tape such as electrical tape, masking tape, or duct tape to secure the LED to the battery so that it stays lit.

Step 6: Stuff It

Pull off a handful of fiberfill stuffing about the size of your ball. Place the taped-up LED in the center of the stuffing and gently wrap it up evenly. Stick the whole thing inside your painted ball and gently snap the two halves together. If it is difficult to close, remove a little bit of the stuffing until the ball closes without much pressure. Two or three small pieces of clear tape will help hold the ball closed if yours does not fit tightly.

Step 7: Done!

That's it! Check out the glow in a darkened room, or pop it open & pull the battery out (you can leave the battery inside the stuffing so it doesn't get lost) to keep that part a secret until night time. Try different color LEDs, too!

Add a ball chain / beaded chain or split-ring to the hanger part of the ornament if you'd like to secure your Pokeball to a bag or backpack.

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