Introduction: Light Up Fastener Bins and Work Bench.

  I try to stay at least loosely organized. I have done much repairing, tinkering, building stuff and scrapping things for parts.  I often end up with useful items with no immediate use. Small bits are easy to lose and I got tired of digging through little jars and boxes and such to find that one thing I knew I had.
  This was my solution. Basically I built a box of plywood large enough for the five bin organizers and some extra room behind to run rope light back and forth several times. Also I ran some underneath for workbench illumination as well as some up top as a cornice light. The plywood behind has a layer foil/bubble insulation to help reflect the light. Foil would have been fine but I had some leftovers to use.
  For attaching the rope light I came up with stapling zip ties to the bubble/foil/plywood backing and then zip tying the rope light to the staple in the wood.
  This set up has worked very well for me. Typically it is pleasant to search the bins for the odd bits. Also makes for nice ambient light when it's time to relax.

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