Introduction: Lightbulb Terrarium

How to make a light bulb terrarium

Step 1: Gather Materials

Light bulb




Copper Wire

Step 2: Take the Filament Out of the Light Bulb

Use the pliers to peel the black covering off of the light bulb. Then use needle nose pliers to pull the filament out.

Step 3: Put the Dirt in the Light Bulb

Use a funnel and pour some dirt into the light bulb opening.

Step 4: Put the Succulents In

Pick the smallest succulents you have and push them through the opening you made.

Step 5: Twist the Copper Wire Into a Stand

Take the copper wire and cut about 6 inches. Twist the bottom into a circle about the size of the light bulb. Stick the remaining copper wire in the air and make another circle the size of the small part of the light bulb.

Step 6: Put the Light Bulb in the Stand

Put the light bulb in the stand and you are done!