Introduction: Lighted Wall Organizer/Bookshelf

This was a very fun project that took me about two hours. I enjoyed adding the lights and the finished product was very satisfying. I created it because I needed somewhere to put books after reading, as well as other things such as my headphones and iPod. This is a very sturdy shelf and could probably hold at least 10 pounds. I hope you enjoy this project, and put any questions or comments below.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need:


  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Optional: tape


  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue sticks
  • 3-4 LED's
  • Some wire

Step 2: Dimensions of the Cardboard Pieces

  • 10" x 11"
  • 3- 2" x 3"
  • 2- 1"x 2"
  • 2" x 10"
  • 1" x 10"

(Some other pieces depend on how it turns out, or your specifications)

Step 3: Gluing

Using the hot glue gun, glue each part according to the photos. The 11" x 12" is the base of the book case. You can freely design any part, and the lighting is optional. I will later paint the cardboard for a better effect.

Step 4: Wiring

With one of the 10" long strips cut three holes to fit the LEDs. You can wire them to a battery pack, or I hooked them up to a 12 volt DC adapter. Optional: I added a book light that swivels from the side, I used a brass fastener, and added some housing for the LEDs, then wired it with the rest of the circuit. You can add a switch if needed. (You probably should)

Step 5: Finish Assembly

You can attach it to the wall using tape, or screws, the masking tape I temporarily used held up fine. I added below the supports a headphone holder and small container for extra things, extra space can be utilized up top, I left it blank for a more minimalist look.

Step 6: Conclusion

This was a very enjoyable project, and though I had to troubleshoot some (internally damaged wire), it was fun all the same. I hope you enjoyed, thank you for viewing my project!

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