Introduction: Lighthouse Card

Make your cards more special by adding light!

Step 1: 1. Gather Materials

Materials required:

1. LED light

2. 3V battery

3. Copper tape

4. Regular tape

5. Paper

6. Writing utensil

Step 2: Outline Circuit

1. Fold the paper in half

2. Outline the battery twice (refer to image)

3. Draw the path of the circuit

a. The circuit should have a path for the copper tape and a place for the LED light

Step 3: Make the Circuit

4. Make a hole on the other side of the paper in the place where the LED would go

5. Cut copper tape and tape it to the path

6. Get LED light and place where planned

7. Place battery in its' place

8. Tape down LED using regular tape

9. Fold corner where battery is to activate the circuit

10. Tape down the paper where the battery is so that the LED stays lit

Step 4: Add Finishing Touches

11. Push LED through hole

12. Draw and finish it up

+ it doesn't have to be a lighthouse, it can be anything you want