Introduction: Lightweight Pop Tab Chain

What can I do with all these pop tabs? some might ask. I have an answer! A pop tab chain is a perfect craft with pop tabs. This is a simple 3 step project and will reward you with an awesome lightweight chain.


These are the supplies that you will need:

~Pop tabs


~Clean working space

Step 1: Collect!

The first step is to collect pop tabs. The amount you need to collect depends on how long you want your chain to be. You will need about 57 pop tabs (19 links) for one foot of chain. For a really cool chain, you can collect some different colors of pop tabs for your chain.

Step 2: Cut!

Once you have decided how many pop tabs you are going to use for your chain, you are ready to get cutting! Cut through the thinner end of the pop tab on all of them except three tabs. You will need three tabs to start your chain. They should look like the photo once they are cut. Once you are done cutting, move on to the assembly step.

Step 3: Assemble!

Now you are finally ready to assemble your pop tab chain! Start by taking the three tabs that you didn't cut and holding them together by the smaller end. Connect three tabs to the ones you are holding, and your first link is completed! Continue connecting three tabs on the end of the previous link, and watch your chain grow! When your chain is as long as you want it, you are finished!

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