Introduction: Lime Sorbet

This is a great summertime treat that you should make.

Step 1: Lime Sorbet

So the ingredients that you need are:

one cup sugar

one tablespoon lime zest

one half a cup of lime juice

one cup water

green food coloring.

And here are the tools you need:

ice cube trays

food processor

So you will want to have the sugar and the lime zest in one bowl and put it into the food processor.

And then you will need to add the lime juice and the green dye in the food processor and then blend it up until all of the sugar dissolves.

And then turn on the food processor and then insert the water slowly thru the feed tube and leave it on for one minute.

And then pour the mixture into a measuring cup and pour all of the mixture in the ice cube trays and then put it into the freezer overnight or 12 hours.

Step 2: Taking It Out of the Freezer

So after 12 hours you will need to get a butter knife and then get all of the cubes out of the trays into the food processor and blend it all up until smooth. Then put all of the ice cream in the container and freeze it again. The ice cream is done and now on the ice cream cone.

Step 3: The Ice Cream Cone

So first the thing you want to do is to gather the ingredients

one cup flour

two cups heavy cream

one cup powdered sugar

one teaspoon vanilla extract

one half a stick butter

and one bowl

So you will need to put the butter milk into the bowl and stir until the cream is thicker,

and then put the vanilla extract into the bowl and then stir.

Step 4: Finishing the Cone

The next thing that you will need to do is put all of the remaining ingredients into a bowl and stir until all of the powder is gone.

Then turn on the cone iron and turn it on until the green light is on.

And then get a big spoon and take a scoop of the batter and put it on the cone iron and then spread it on the iron and close it for 3 minutes.

And then take it off before the cone hardens and then roll the cone up in to a cone shape and let it harden.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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