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This easy to make storage solution helped me to organize my big chaotic pile of socks and underwear.

i already made 4 and they are super practical, nice looking and don't need floor space.

you just need some basic tools, and it's a very customizable design - use fabric as i did, paint it, decorate it with whatever you like!

I hope you like this instructable,


Step 1: Materials and Tools


cardboard tubing ~2$ ( the ones you buy for concrete-casting)

fabric of choice

white glue

a ruler


some scrap-cardboard for the bottom

optional instead of fabric - paint of your choice



a sheet of paper

cutter knife

paintbrush ( for the glue)

jigsaw for cutting the tube - or a very sharp cutter

screws to install your masterpiece :o)

Step 2: If You Have a Roof Slope...

!this step is only for rooms with roof slope, if you have a straight ceiling, you can move to step 3!

the pictures are many in this step and that makes it pretty easy to follow.

1. trace and cut the outline circle of your cardboard-tube on a sheet of paper

2. fold the paper circle two times, and mark the folding lines

3. lay the paper circle on the upper side of your cardboard tube and mark the 4 folding lines on the tube

4. mark a line 90° on all four marks from 3

5. measure the angle of the roof slope

6. trace it to paper and cut the angle line.

7. take the paper angle from 6 and trace it onto your tube ( picture)

8. draw a straight lines, where the angles meet

9. cut the drawn lines with a jigsaw

10. admire your good work

Step 3: Openings and Length

1.decide how long you'll need your storage to be - you can fill the tube with all socks to find out how much space you need. - mark the desired length

2. plan the openings of you storage tube:

one at the top, to insert the socks

and one at the lower end to take the socks out.

leave some space on every end ( see the pictures if unclear)

3. now cut the tube with the jigsaw, try to keep the outcut of the lower opening, so you can use it as a flap! To do so, cut a small cut along the drawn line with a sharp knife, that you can insert the jigsaw without material loss.

Step 4: The Bottom

take 2 pieces of cardboard about the diameter of your tube

glue them together with the airpockets in opposite direction ( hard to explain, but the first picture shows it :) ), in that way it get's pretty strong.

let it dry under the pressure of a heavy book.

when dry, mark the inner diameter of the cardboard tube.

cut it out as precisely as possible.

Step 5: Decorate It With Fabric

you can also paint the tube in you desired design but i chose fabric matching the curtains that cover my clothes-mess :)

1. measure and precut the fabric, so that it's slightly bigger than your tube.

2. spread white glue allover the outside of the tube - works perfect with a paintbrush

3. roll the tube on to your (face down of course!) fabric - it's good to have a helping hand for that step, so you can get rid of all wrinkles.

4. fold and glue the fabric around the upper and lower edge of the tube.

Note: *The glue dries pretty fast, so it's good to be well prepared and concentrated.*

Step 6: The Flap and Upper Opening

ONLY cut the upper opening and glue the fabric edges into the tube.

the lower Flap is a bit more tricky, see the pictures for better understanding:

1. brush some glue onto the outer side of the "flap" and press it in place from the inside.

2. when dry cut along the opening, with a VERY sharp knife - be careful not to tear the threads of the fabric

DON'T cut the line on the downside of the flap.

3. see the picture, how to cut the downside of the flap - you cut 1/3 from both sides and leave 1/3 in the middle - that allows you to open the flap.

4. brush a thin coat of glue onto the cut-edges of the fabric, to prevent the threads from tearing.

5. glue a nice piece of lace on the edges of the flap to cover the opening-cut.

Step 7: Insert Bottom and Mount the New Storage!

insert the bottom with slightly pressure - it should fit pretty tight, because of the fabric on the inner edge.

you don't need to glue it in, but if you like to: feel free

also feel free to add more decoration or covering of the upper opening.

Mounting is very easy:

just screw it through the backside of the openings to your wall.

Test the function of your new storage.

Step 8: Admire Your Work!

hopefully you managed to organize your genius mess in the closet :)

I'm glad how that simple storage solution turned out, and have already made 3 more for socks and underwear, so that my husband doesn't have to envy me :)

Yours sincerely


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