Introduction: Lite Bright Dome Light :: by ThriftStoreRemix

About: For most of my life, I hoped to develop an outlet for my creative energy. I tried to play the piano. I can’t play the piano. I tried to play the Bass. I can’t play the Bass. I can’t draw…

During my home office redesign home office I created this kewl lighting feature.

My Lite Bright Dome Light project hits both color and costs with both guns a blasting. The objective is to create a colorful light fixture on a shoestring budget.

What you'll need:

* Get your favorite colored sharpies or any permanent colored marker will do
* Clear packing tape
* Scissors
* That's it. I love Easy and Cheap projects


1) Gently remove the dome light
2) Remove the tape from the roller and place enough strips to cover the whole inside
3) Use your wonderful, fantabolous imagination using the Sharpies to create a KEWL design

This was an easy but effective project. Additionally, if things get out of hand, as they often do, you can remove the tape and start all over again. Do Over's ROCK!

I hope you enjoy the project.

DBD :: ChiefRemixOlogist