Introduction: Lithophane Lamp : 3D PRINTING YOUR PHOTOS!

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Every time there's an event of any kind where I need to buy a gift, I always prefer to make something then just buying. But the question always is how can I gift them some unique as well lovable.

Since I have a 3D printer, I always think that the best gift would be something personalized that I would 3D print, something that cannot be bought elsewhere and something that would make me proud to show off my printer's creations! And also, I wouldn't have to keep worrying about finding a good gift idea!

The most personalized item I could 3D print was a lithophane! so I turned it into a Customised Lamp

Things you will need

Step 1: What Is a Lithophane ?

A lithophane is an etched or molded artwork in very thin translucent porcelain that can only be seen clearly when backlit with a light source. A lithophane presents a three-dimensional image - completely different from two-dimensional engravings and daguerreotypes that are "flat".

The images change characteristics depending on the light source behind them.The varying light source is what makes lithophanes more interesting to the viewer than two-dimensional pictures.

Step 2: Converting Pictures to Lithophane

Now there are a lot of ways to do this but I will share with you the shortest way to make a lithophane.

This site converts any image to 3d lithophanes

All you need to do is change the image from negative to positive.
And it will generate you a beautiful lithophane in STL format.
There are also settings for adjusting your lithophane dimensions.
I Have used 65 mm x 65 mm by 3mm
Print them with 0.2 mm layer height with 60 mm/s speed better result

Step 3: Designing a Holder

The main part of this build was designing the enclosure.
It has 3 part

  • The lower part which holds the lithophanes and mounts a led strip
  • The upper part
  • The diffuser

If you want to see the designing here is the video
If you want to learn more about designing in Autodesk Fusion 360 Check Instructables Classes and Autodesk design classes.
They made things so easy

Step 4: Printing the Holder

The Holder is printed in Black PLA on my ender 2

Link :

The setting was

  • Temp: 200 C
  • Speed : 80mm/s
  • Infill: 20
  • layer height: 0.2

You can use 0.3 also but that will damage the inscription on the body I suggest using 0.2 on the lower part and 0.3 on the upper cylinder.

Step 5: Mounting the LED

After the print was over, I tinned the wire and soldered them to the led strip.
Then I started to wound the strip on the cylinder as closely as I Could.
I used warm white LED you can use RGB too.

I took the wire out of the dc jack hole and then soldered it to the female DC Jack. and pushed it inside, the hole fits the jack snugly.

Step 6: The Diffuser

The led gives a harsh light. To make it softer I had made this Diffuser.
I used the previous sketch of the holder, added an outer shell and made the more diffuse
It fits snugly on the holder and also softens the light from the led before it hits the lithophanes.
If you wanna see more diffused lamp see this

Step 7: Assembly

The last process is to assemble the all the lithophanes on the holder and using the upper fixture.
Then I fix the Diffuser and The lamp is complete.
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