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Introduction: Litter Hack for Small Kitten

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When I brought Enya at home she was 700 grams kitten 55 days old. She couldn't push the door of the cat litter (that I had previously bought). Litters with door are good for cat's privacy and to cut out bad odor, l so I had to find a way to let Enya use the litter without taking away the door. You know that if cats have problems with litter, they could stop using them and starting doing poo and pee elsewhere.

Step 1: Holes

You just need more or less 50 cm of twine, drill or electric screw-driver with 4mm tip and of course the cat litter.

Do one hole in the door and one hole in the roof of the litter.

Step 2: Twine

Thread the twine in the holes. Make two knots to block the twine so the door will remain a bit open.

The kitten will pass through it (because she/he is little!), but the door will block the most of the odor. Given that the door is block toward the inside, you can push it to clean the litter.

Step 3: Back

Once the kitten is grow up and she/he can push the door and you can take away the twine and the door will be back to its original movement! Now Enya is 5 months old and she can use it without problems :) Look t the video (cut for Enya's privacy ;D) >^.^<

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