Introduction: Little Dead Riding Hood Halloween Costume

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A spooky instructable that shows how things would look if the Woodsman hadn't shown up, and "Granny" got a bit carried away with those big claws she has.

Step 1: Create or Buy Your Base Costume

To start you'll need to perfect the Little Red Riding Hood outfit on its own. It's a simple one to make from home and there are tons of branded costumes on the market that would look great as well. I started preparing last minute and ended up with the one shown, a one piece dress with matching cape by Honey Box. On Amazon for $37.88 at the time of writing.

Step 2: Intentionally Distress the Dress and Cape

Next you're going to want to make it look like you were running for your life before "the incident." To reach this effect I used a technique learned from MangoSIrene on Youtube in her video: Cosplay 101: Weathering and Distressing Fabric.

To achieve this look take a small, manageable knife like an X-Acto knife and place cuts and rips in places that would be scratched, snagged by leaves, and gone altogether. It's best to go with personal preference for this one. I personally put on the out fit and very carefully made my cuts based on where the dress hit me as I would be around families trick or treating.

Be careful! Do not hurt yourself. If needed make small marks wearing the outfit then remove to perform your cuts and rips.

Step 3: Wash Your Face Thoroughly

Before you can apply the makeup effects you need and clean and gorgeous canvas. I opted for a gentle, deep-cleansing cleanser by Clean and Clear to knock this step out in only 5 minutes. Apply cleanser to damp face, scrub in and cover the entire area. Rinse thoroughly then gently pat your skin dry. You should have a clean face that the appliques will now have an easier time sticking to. (Excuse the lazy eye, Red is having a rough day.)

Step 4: Choose Acceptable Wound Makeup FX

Next, if last minute or a beginner it's a great option to choose a packaged scar applique rather than attempting to work with finicky liquid latex for similar effects. With a clean face and following package directions step by step you should have likely noticeable but well-adhered wounds.

Step 5: Foundation Makeup Blending Is Necessary

As mentioned before the appliques how they are initially are obvious bumping out above your natural skin. It's crucial to a great looking costume to ensure you use makeup that matches your skin tone to blend the edges of your wounds into your real skin. It breaks immersion immediately seeing exactly where one ends and the other begins. Don't worry about putting makeup on the scars, that can be fixed to look fresh with blood or makeup after the fact. Layering is important in a process like makeup effects, just be patient and put in that extra 10 or 15 minutes to make those gashes look frighteningly realistic.

Step 6: Bloody Finishing Touches

Your last step after adorning both the dress and the wounds is to go in and strategically place blood. Spray works great for fabric and making ripped areas of the skirt look like they are bleeding. The scars on your face work great with get or with a bit more targeted application spray can provide great effects too. The "blood" should make it look first fresh, recent, and a bit wet to the touch like real blood and will likely harden and darken over time to make wearing more comfortable and less messy.

TA-DA! Once you're fully dress and covered in the desired amount of blood you are done, congrats "Little Dead Riding Hood." I 1000% recommend customizing this to your personal preference. Some people with emphasize wounds and other just tousle their hair and look like their dress got cut in small spots all over by sharp branches. There is no wrong answer. Just be creative and play up your strengths!

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