Introduction: Little Hearts As Wall He'art'

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Hello everybody,

I love doing craft work, since currently quarantined at home as per nation's order. why not do something i love. Love is always connected with heart. This will be good gift or great surprise for your loved ones. So i planned to make something with little heart turning them into a big heart on the wall, becomes as touché don't you think !?! Well you be the judge of that

Step 1: Supply

Below are the required material for this quest
  • Balloons - 25 Nos
  • Thread - 2 rolls (15 meter each)
  • Fevicol(Gum) - 180 grams
  • Corn flour - 60 grams
  • Red Serial light
  • Red Yarn - As required
  • Red Glitter (Optional)
  • White Tape - As required

Step 2: Make Arrangement

First thing you wanna do is find the location where you are gonna do it, because it plays a important role. As preferred location should be undisturbed and accessible by only one person (to avoid discomfortness).

If you have extra room or art room then you have no problem. But its not possible in all cases, hence place should be wisely chosen.

Next starting filling up water in your balloon.. I liked to maintain same size for all my heart, hence i measured the weight of the water filled balloon. Its 78 grams.. so about average 80 grams is balloon weight

Step 3: Why Water Why Not Air ?

This is the question comes in every mind who reads this, Image are the answer for that question.

I wanted to make a Little heart about 5cm, but when i tried blowing balloon, i got Cat's face , then a bear face and then finally heart which was 15cm... thats too big for my idea. So after 15 mins of brainstorming :P i tried with water, heart shape was intact and it was as per my expectation

Step 4: Fill the Pretty Little Hearts

Here one notable point is approx weight of the balloon should be 80 grams, also make sure you tie it in a way that can be opened whenever required.

" Here we are not gonna poke the balloon", as poking will result water in thread and it will be wet and may lose its shape

With some clearance start tying them in the rope arrangement. Start tying from extreme ends for even weight distribution,

How much clearance ?

Let's say, your both hands should be able to rotate around it.

Step 5: Vase'lined Up'

Everybody knows about vaseline petroleum jelly, they may have marvelous other uses but i have used it in this project too. It helps so much that string which is about to placed on balloon should remain in shape on surface balloon, after drying balloon shouldn't get struck to the string surface. This little guy takes care of that part.

Also place old paper or magazine paper so that your floor don't get messed up. Trust me, once you start it will be pretty much messy

Step 6: Gucowa Mixture

Never heard this mixture before ?!, because i made it up. Its combination of GUm+COrn flour+WAter.

Combine them in the ratio Gum+Corn flour+Water = 3:1:3

After that add the string into it, give it a roll and you are good to go

Step 7: Creation of Heart Shell

Pull the string thats nicely floating in the Gucowa mixture, Place it on the balloon, since its been vaselined it might slip away easily. Take it and firmly hold it until you do two or three rotation. This whole string rotation is the time consuming part, it may look small and easy but believe me it literally eats up your time

Step 8: Finishing Touch

Nicely place the string using both hands, coz using one hand tend to rotate in the same direction. Carefully cover the center part and two projected heads coz they only determine the shape of your heart. Its little difficult to hold the string in the rounded edge part. Not to worry, with little extra effort it can be done, place your thumb on it for a while and give 2 or 3 more rotation. Once you have placed for 4 or 5 th rotation on that particular area the string will starts get on hold.

Once you are done, check up both sides if you are satisfied cut the thread insert it in other loop and it will hold.

Do the same for rest of the batch !!!

Step 9: Second Coat

This is not mandatory, but i did as extra measure to make sure they stay in that shape. After 5 hours of hanging heart shell, give a coating of Gucowa mixture using brush.

Step 10: Check ! Check !

Leave them for a day initially i thought 12 hours is enough, but when i touched it was little damp i.,e left it for overnight. so why to risk it. After 24 hours, i checked but applying little pressure in the centre and tried moving the string around the round edges. As expected it was firm and strong. So your heart is ready

Step 11: After 24 Hours

Remove it from rope arrangement and start untying your heart holding the opening tip.

Carefully tilt it and pour the water.

Water will not come out in rush, they slowly come out with regular interval of time. You apply little pressure by pulling the balloon end to increase the water flow.

Step 12: Dehydrated Heart

After loosening up, water comes out and balloon starts shrinking to their original form. Look the top view and front view after the entire water have been removed from the balloon

Step 13: One Became Two

Once the balloon comes to original form you'll feel the weightlessness. Slowly pull out the balloon outside, they will not get strongly struck. Thanks to vaseline !!! But you will have to carefully separate balloon and Little heart shell. They were together as one before 24 hours now they have become two parts ;P

Step 14: 20 Little Hearts

Repeat the same procedure for the other beloved little hearts. Aren't they cute

Step 15: It's Colouring Time

Put your beloved little hearts in cardboard, take them to open area and start the spray painting

Spray from top and few mins flip it and spray it again. Looks like it 75 % done. But 25% more remaining for that group spraying will not be helpful.

Step 16: Individual Care

Now its time check each and every heart and spray on the unfilled portion. Initally we should a stick to hold it, since its 3D it keep rotating in direction which is not in our favour, so finally its time to get your hands dirty well not literally. Pastry gloves got spray painted...

By this way, each and every heart in all direction got spray painted evenly

Step 17: Little Hearts Are Ready

Spray paint will dry fast give them few mintues and they are ready

Step 18: Serial Led Light Arrangement

I had a string of lights consisting of 50 led lights and an adaptor of different modes such as Steady, Twinkle, Fade, Combination, sequence and flashlight which can directed plugged in AC supply.

I have made 20 hearts

How to fit to 50 lights into 20 hearts :-?

So finally i made it as 2 light and 3 light combination alternatively so (10 hearts with 20 leds and 10 hearts with 30 leds)

Take cellotape and tape it pretty good. This taping is necessary so it doesn't get trouble entering our little hearts

Step 19: Sew Them Once in for All

How to combine little heart and serial led light now. Hot glue gun is one way but i had some other idea. I had red yarn , so why not sewing them inbetween little heart and serial led light. since they are red they don't make a big difference in the appearance.

So using embroidery needle with end of the yarn tied knot, i started sewing inbetween the little gaps of the little heart. Criss - cross, up and down once it holds firmly knot it with the first knotted end and cut the excess thread

Step 20: Second Stage of Sewing

Our hearts are gonna be mounted gravity, check whether the yarn holds good after doing 4 or 5 pieces. I hold them vertically they seem ok. Finish up for all and you are ready

Step 21: Prototype Heart Symbol

This is not a easy job, lending hands are very much required to make this happen

One person is required to hold , another one for drawing the shape and third person to check whether it actually looks like heart and corrections are to be made. Thank god i had my cousins for lending their hands in this and my brother too.

Once approx heart is drawn, place the serial light and start taping it.

We have be careful in what we are taping, it has be strong enough to hold it but it shouldn't be that much visible and draw attention towards it.

My wall is white , Serial led light wire is white and so my tape should be white. This white tape i brought in Pharmacy which they put above cotton on wounds.

Turned out perfect requirement for me.

Tape them nicely, close up 2nd image

Finally you are done

Step 22: Preview

Keeping the led light on, first image is taken keeping flash light on.

Second image is complete dark room. Only the led lights are on.

Step 23: Fade Mode

This is one mode given default inside adaptor. actually i liked, these are the stages of it

Step 24: Little Hearts on the Wall

This gif is to show how little heart beart on the wall

Step 25: Thank You

You can even add more beauty by putting a big picture of your loved ones inside it. Make them feel special and show your love.

Thank you very much for coming this far of my 'ible. Hope you enjoyed the making journey as i did. Any comments or suggestions feel free drop in comment section. Looking forward to hear others thought on this.


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