Introduction: Little Icecube Snowmen


Cute little snow men ornaments for your Christmas tree, or wherever you feel like placing it.

Step 1: Fake Ice-cubes

There are many ways to get fake ice-cubes. They should be available at store's like Michael's and Amazon, i've even seen them on Ebay.

I did not have good luck finding any at thrift stores.

You could consider making your own with resin, crayons melted, old plastic caps, whatever you have handy that would fit in an ice cube tray.

Step 2: Supplies


Super glue (or use that hot glue gun that you store in the garage!)

Tiny ornament hooks

Fake ice-cubes of your choice.

Felt tip pen to draw in his (or her) eyes.

Extras; Material for a simple scarf, sticks for sled runners and any random craft object you might use for a base. Seen here is a small wooden heart from another left over from another project.

Step 3: Putting It All Together.

I don't have a picture of gluing them together, but the title is pretty self explanatory. I make the ice-cubes slightly off center, you don't have to. You can glue then all straight together in a line.

After the glue is dry, decorate to your hearts content, super glue the small clasp thingy to the top and it's ready for your Christmas tree.

Step 4:

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