Introduction: Little Labyrinth

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Create your own Amazing Maze

Step 1: Little Labyrinth

This is a fun an easy project to do that requires nothing more than a pencil and a piece of paper. After you draw the basic maze you can elaborate on your design using whatever ideas and art supplies you have handy.

Step 2: Start

Start with a cross shape, a right angle in each section and a dot in the angle.

Rather than start the labyrinth in the center of the paper it is better to start it about 3/4 of the way down the page.

Step 3: First Marks

beginning with the right angle on the top right of the maze draw a line to connect it to the dot in the center of the angle.

Next follow the top of the center cross and bring it around to the middle cross.

Step 4: Continue Working Towards the LEFT

Work your way left across and around the design and bring the line over the top and connect it to the first available mark.

Step 5: Complete

When the maze is complete, you can "JAZZ" up your design however you like to make it more decorative.

Step 6: More Ideas

I used an assortment of materials to make my Labyrinths a bit more elaborate.

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