Introduction: Little Notebooks

Have you every wanted a little notebook to carry around in your pocket or your purse, but didn't want to spend the money on one? Well look no further...

Step 1: Supplies

To make a little notebook, you will need the following supplies:

A ruler


Decorative Paper (I like to use the Sunday Comics page)

Computer Paper


Thin Cardboard (Like a cereal box)


Step 2: Trace

Take the thin piece of cardboard and trace a 6.5 X 5 inch rectangle, than cut out your rectangle

Step 3:

Take the rectangle that you cut out of the thin cardboard and glue it in the middle of your decorative paper, decorative side down. Trace a half inch from all sides of your rectangle onto the decorative paper. Cut out your paper, cut the corners of the paper off and fold and glue the sides of the paper to the cardboard.

Step 4: Making the Pages

Take the computer paper and fold it in half, than fold that half in half. Than fold it one more time in half until you get something that looks like this. Unfold the pages and cut it like in the second picture. Unfold the page all the way, than fold again lengthwise. Take the ends and push them inwards until it looks like the 3rd and 4th pictures. When it gets to look like the 4th picture fold all the pages over to look like a book

Keep repeating the process with the other pieces of computer paper until you make as many pages as you desire for your book. 1 piece of computer paper = 8 pages for your little notebook

Step 5: Putting the Book Together

Fold the book cover in half so a crease forms. Take the glue and put it in the crease that you just made, you will need a lot of glue to make sure the pages stay in place. Gather all of the pages that you made and stick them in the book as shown in the picture. You will need to hold them in place until they dry.

Step 6: Making More Pages

To make more pages in the book, look for the folds in the pages, like in the pictures and cut them. You made need to re-glue a few pages in afterwards

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