Introduction: Little Wizard - PC/Android Game As Father and Son Project With Kids (unity3d)

About: I love to make DIY projects with my son

I would like to show how easy and fun is to make a game.

I've created my game as father and son project, to spent some time with my son and to learn him something cool.

First of all I want to say, that I'm not a game developer and second, that it is not complete tutorial on how to make a game step-by-step, but it is tutorial showing You what steps You have to take to make a game and that those steps are really not so hard. You don't even have to be a programmer nowadays. It is possible when You are working with such software like Unity3d -engine for making games.

Another thing, I want to show You, that creating the game could be really good fun not only for adults but also for childrens. Especially for them in fact.

Step 1: What Will Be Needed

1. Engine - Unity3d

First of all You need the engine to create Your game. I strongly recommend to use Unity3d. This engine looks like typical Windows sodtware and game could be made only by point and click. What is important, Unity allows You to make games for PC, Mac, Android, Linux, Xbox etc. I mean, that You make game once and then You can built it on any platform You want.

To get Unity, just go to the Unity 3d website. Unity is totally free for small busines and personal use.

2. Engine for making platofrmer game

After You install unity, You alse should install something which allows You to make platformer game just by point'n'click. Go to the Unity Asset store and search for Corgi Platformer Engine. This engine is unfortunately not free. You need to pay for it, but it will allow You to built the platformer game really without coding.

3. Pictures, Background, Sprites, Creatures graphics

All graphics used in Your game can be created by You by own, but You can also use paid or free graphics which You can find in Unity3d Asset Store. It depends on Your wallet :)

Step 2: Learning and Documentation

No no, there is not easy way to make a game without learning. Not a chance for that, but I ensure You that this is also easy step.

I recommend to start with the tutorial on Unity3d website to get familiar with the Unity interface first. Then You have to go to the Corgi Engine and read the documentation about creating the platformer game. In fact Corgi has a lot of videos showing what You need to click and make to create something. Those tutorials are really easy to understand

From my experience it is even enough to just watch 3 first tutorial videos from corgi engine and You will know how to make simple level. Really it's so easy as that.

Step 3: Fun Part - Level Design

When You install Unity and Corgi Engine, and if You have all needed graphics from Asset Store (or made by You) You can designing the levels. This is part which You can make with toy bricks as shown on the video and above photo. After designing level, make the photo of the bricks prototype and then create the level in Unity3d.

Of course You can omit the prototyping with bricks, but if You had kids, don't skip this step. It can be really fun for them

Step 4: Sounds

So, now You have the levels, some creatures in them but You don't have sounds. You can either: make Your own sounds or download them for free from internet. Just google for free sounds.

I recommend to make own sounds. Just for fun. Use Your imagination e.g. on the above picture my son is smashing the bottle. Then we reused this as a sound of breaking wall.

Step 5: Final Touch - That's All

I showed You only the most important steps of making the games, but of course You can add much more to Your game. You can learn about particle effects and add some fog or rain to Your game. You can read about paralax background (such background which moves with Your player but in cool way) and add it to Your game. All of this is supported and not so hard to make in Unity & Corgi engines combo.

So that's all. I hope that You will try to make Your own game. If so, please share it with me in the commets. I like such indie-home-made-games.

If You are courious how my game is working, You can download it for free on ANDROID.

Oh one more thing. If You have some problems learning how to work with Unity/Corgi You can also ask in comments; I'll try to help Yuu

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