Introduction: Live Size Operation Game

My husband and I challenged our self by making a live size operation game that actually worked.  We loved this game when we were kids so we gave it a shot and were very proud of the outcome.

Step 1: Start Out With Some Thin Wood.

We started out with thin wood and cut the box shape out  then painted it yellow and cut out the arms on the side with a small electric saw we attached it with wood glue and a small nail gun.

Step 2: We Then Attached the Picture and Metal.

We  took a picture of the game board and had it blown up into a poster we cut out the openings for the pieces on the poster and then traced them on the board and cut out the holes with a small saw. We  then  glued it to the front of the box we made and then put a sealer over the top and let it dry overnight.

Step 3: Time to Attach the Metal

We then put metal pieces on the openings of the back of the board and glued them on with a epoxy glue we attached the positive  side in sequence to the metal openings and attached it to the positive side of the motor cycle battery  .  We used screws to  attach the wires. Then we used the tweezers off the actual game and attached that to the front of the game and then attached that to the negative side of a buck car  horn. we got at a scrap yard  Then  when the tweezers touch the metal the horn would beep loudly. We attached the battery by putting it in a dollor tree cloth lunch bag and ran it through his belt to keep the battery attached to the game.

Step 4: Time to Cut the Game Pieces

We used a white tile square to cut out the game pieces then attached velcro on the back of the piece and then another on the actual front of the  board  so that they would stay in place.

Step 5: The Game Is Ready for Some Fun!

 After adding some final touches makeup wig a yellow sweat shirt and a blinking nose our job was done!  We had a great time at our party the kids loved playing the game!

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