Introduction: Living Room Furniture

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Welcome to my indestructible! In this indestructible:Living Room Furniture I Will Show You Three Choices! Please Like,Comment And, Subscribe Me!
Good Luck Building! :)

Step 1: Speakers&Tv

2 Nether Reactor Cores
2 Black Wool
1 Picture

Now To Make This First Put The Nether Reactor Core A Block Up From The Floor Then Put Black Wool Under It To Make The Speakers.

To Make The Tv You Just Need To Put A Tv Screen (Picture) There. Then Find Out The Pic That You Want!

Step 2: Chair

2 Oak Planks
1 Rail
1 Minecart
2 Trapdoors

First Destroy A Block Then Replace It With Wood,Then Put A Plan Behind It With 2 Trapdoors On The Sides,Next Put A Minecart On A Rail Next To Your Chair,Push The Minecart In And You Have Your Very Own Chair!

Step 3: Couchbed

2 Beds
2 Oak Planks

First Check If Your Room Is Big Enough For The Couchbed Next,Put Two Beds Right Next To Them Last,Put 2 Oak Planks And You Have Your Very Own Couchbed!

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