Introduction: Loading Film Into Developing Tanks

Follow these instructions to load your film into the developing tanks. Please remember to ALWAYS protect the film from light! If you need to take your hands out of the bag after opening your film, place the film in the tank and close it up first! Please keep in mind that all the steps listed are done INSIDE the black bag.


  1. Developing tank with lid (black and red parts), white reel and black spool
  2. Black bag
  3. Scissors
  4. Cartridge opener

Step 1:

Put all materials inside the black bag and zip up BOTH zippers before putting your hands through the sleeves.

Step 2:

Open the film cartridge with the cartridge opener. The opener tends to work best on the end with the knob sticking out, but you can try it on either side.

Step 3:

Take film out of cartridge and trim the end of the film.

Step 4:

Feed film into the reel on the FLAT side of the tabs.

Step 5:

Film must go all the way through the tabs and then you can crank the reel back and forth to feed the film into the reel.

Step 6:

When you get to the other end of the film, there will be a plastic spool attached. You can either pull the spool off or cut it off.

Step 7:

Crank the end of the film all the way into the reel.

Step 8:

Place black spool in the tank with the flat side down and add reel with film (there is not an up or down side to the reel).

Step 9:

Screw on the lid to the tank and take the tank out of the black bag.

Dispose of all the parts of the film cartridge and return the scissors, opener and black bag to their proper places.