Introduction: Location Location Location: a Tinkercad Fun Challenge!

Introduction: The feeling...

"Location, Location, Location!"

This is a huge rule in real estate. People care very much where they live!!!!!

Close your eyes: Make a picture in your mind of where you live. Open your eyes.

Did you think about your house? Your city? Your metropolitan area? Your country? Your planet?

How you view where you live actually really affects how you live in it! Which do you care about more: cleaning your room, cleaning your local beach, or cleaning your planet?

How you view your location affects your relationships! How much do you care about your family, your community, and your global family?

Part of growing up is learning how you can fit into these groups, and how you can help them.

This challenge helps you see "where you live" from three DIFFERENT perspectives.


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Step 1: The Challenge!


Create Tinkercad versions of where you live! Give each one a different theme and as you make it think about how your surroundings affect the way you live. Give each one a title which describes what each one means to you.

Step 2: Inspiration!

It's much more fun if you build the buildings "from scratch" using shapes instead of just borrowing them from the Tinkercad library.
Check out my fourth grade student's three projects below:

Open and see how awesome his work is!! PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS ALL HANDMADE!!!

Step 3: Share!

Don't forget to share your creation on Tinkercad!

If you have a 3D printer, print it and share it as a present!

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