Introduction: Loki: Agents of Asgard Horns/crown (paper Mâché)

So, for the fun of it I decided to make the headpiece of teen Loki from "Young Avenvers", and " Loki: Agents of Asgard".
At first I thought it'd be pretty easy, but it wasn't.

I tried many different techniques including clay, cardboard, and many other materials. I would've used craft foam, but anywhere I went, I never came upon any. I was at a loss since I couldn't get ahold of craft foam, so I thought to do something, it seemed, no one has thought to do.

Make the headpiece from paper mâché.

Step 1: Supplies

So, for any project, good or bad, you need supplies.

Since this is going to be a paper mâché headpiece you will need an adhesive. Now, you could buy the adhesive, or you could make it- which is what I did.

.glue(wood glue/white glue)
.a small bowl
.something to stir with

(This could also be done with water/milk, and flour. Also I won't be giving ratios considering the fact that I just winged it when making the adhesive.)

Other Supplies:
.sand paper (optional)
.template/mask design

Step 2: Design

Now you have your supplies, you need to decide what you want the headpiece to be shaped like, and figure out what looks best.

Personally I thought the headpiece looked somewhat like how Scarlet Witch's mask/headpiece looked like, so that is what I modeled parts of my headpiece from. Also I looked at MANY images of the actual horned crown Loki wore in the comic, as well as ones other people made. I would highly recommend this.

Start by sketching different shapes for the headpiece, and cutting them out. You can decide which shape looks best on you by holding the paper cut out up to your face in the mirror. This may take many tries before you get the right shape. (p.s. save your scraps. They can be used for later steps.)

Once you have your ieal shape of the headpiece place it on a piece of cardboard, big enough to fit it, and then some, trace, and cut it out.

Step 3: Crafting

For any paper mâché project you will need paper, a base, and adhesive.

You already have your cardboard base, so now you need paper strips, and adhesive.

Paper: most paper mâché works use news paper, but you don't necessarily have to use news paper. I used sketch paper, but it was newsprint material.

I just didn't have news paper at my disposal.

Step 4: Crafting (cont.)

Start by ripping the paper you have into strips. (Remember the scraps? I hope you took my advise, and saved them.)

Now that you have your paper strips, begin making your adhesive. (If you bought yours, then you can skip to the next step.)

To make the adhesive I mixed wood glue, and water in a small bowl, adding glue to thicken, and water to thin.

The adhesive shouldn't be so thin it runs as it is applied, but shouldn't be so thick it's like muck.

Step 5: Crafting (cont. 2)

Begin soaking strips, and scraps of paper in the adhesive, an lining the base with said strips, and scraps.
Do this until you have a solid base. This is to insure the headpiece will be the right shape once dry.

Step 6: Crafting (cont. 3)

To make the horns repeat steps 3,4,and 5(bit in the horn shape you want) adding a step between 4, and 5.

To get the 3D round shape of the horns I twisted small strips of paper into a sort of snake shape, and bent it to the horn shape. Now, you can begin step five.

Step 7: Crafting (cont. 4)

Once you have the horns made, and dry attach them to the headpiece.

Step 8: Crafting (cont. 5)

To get the small piece in the middle repeat step 6 substituteing the horn shape with the middle piece.

Step 9: Crafting (cont. 6)

Attach the middle piece with glue, or whatever you see fit.

Step 10: Crafting (finish)

Add straps(or something) to hold it on.

Sand down all sharp edges, or faults.

I would suggest using sand paper that is very fine grade.

Paint it.

I would recommend spray paint, but if you can't buy any, or just don't want to use aerosol use acrylic paint.

Wear it.

Go look awesome! Show off your work! After all you are Loki. ;)

Step 11: A.N.

Thank you so much for reading my tutorial.
I would like to sincerely apologize though because I originally planned to have pictures to accompany each step, but was unable to do so.

Nonetheless if you're reading this then that means you stuck around to read all the steps, and I would like to, once again, thank you for reading.

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