Introduction: Long Range Super Soaker Crossbow

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You are up in the tree house, keeping guard. Your long range super soaker crossbow it sitting near by. No one is anyone near, but suddenly, 6 kids run through the open gate and dash towards the tree house. You quickly grab the crossbow and disable the lock. A stream of water flys out and splashes the invaders. They began to retreat, so you force the plunger of the crossbow and soak them. After the battle ends, all your friends ask you where you got the crossbow. When you tell them you made it, they want the instructions. “5.00 per copy,” you announce. You go home rich.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
2 forks
1 medium thick rubber band
2 thin rubber bands
1 extra-thick rubber band
1 syringe without needles

Black duct tape
Black paint
Fat permanent marker

Step 2: Cut the Forks

Cut the middle two prongs out of both forks. Then glue the two forks together creating a space in the middle. Next glue the syringe into the space.

Step 3: Make the String

Cut the medium sized rubber band so that it is one strip. Glue the ends of the rubber band to the edge of the forks which should have been secured very well in the last step. Next wrap one thin rubber band on each side and add another layer of hot glue. Next add zip ties. We need to everything possible to keep that rubber band in place.

Step 4: Attach the Second String

Take the thick rubber band and wrap it around the plunger of the syringe and around the top of where the forks meet. When the plunger is pulled back, the rubber bands should force it forwards. When the syringe plunger is pulled back and the barrel fills with water, the rubber bands should force the plunger and shoot the water out.

Step 5: Create the Lock

Break about an inch off the popsicle stick. To lock the crossbow to be loaded, wedge it between the adage of the plunger and the barrel. To unlock it, pull the stick out.

Step 6: Paint It Black

Paint the forks black with a paint that won’t flake and one that will withstand water. Cover the barrel of the syringe with duct tape, and use a permanent marker to cover the rubber bands.

Step 7: Fire Away!

Place your non-dominant hand on the under side of the barrel and use your dominant to pull the plunger and let it go. To make the water fly even further, force the plunger into the barrel.

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