Introduction: Long Reach Watering Lance From Standard Plumbing Fittings.

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This is how I put together a long reach watering lance from standard parts found in any hardware store.

Over the years I have had numerous watering lances that lasted no time at all, they all suffered from the same old problems mainly being to short to be really useful, where made from plastic that got brittle after time in the sun and cracked, had leaky valve mechanisms that  could not withstand the increased water pressure in our area. and worst of all had a uncontrollable triggers that blasted the plants and churned up the soil in the pots .

I visited the hardware store to see what I could find that could be use to build a better watering lance that would be durable enough to withstand many years outside and yet have a low pressure controllable flow rate that does not wreck the plants.

The average cost of a watering lance is upwards of £10.00  I recently saw a deluxe model long reach lance that was over £25.00  The parts used for this came in at under £10.00.

Once again combining industry standard parts made this project super simple an the job was don in less than 30 mins.

The finished product turned out perfect for the job, now the tomato plant can have a large volume of water delivered accurately to the base of the plant without churning up the soil and damaging the roots, best of all its long enough to  do the watering without the need to do any bending.

Thanks for looking, I hope the people who like gardening find this useful.