Introduction: Loofa Hat

Time to recycle your old calendars you got as a compliment last year

Step 1: Make Circles

- First cut out 2 calendar circles of the size which fits you.
- Cut a circle out the notebook's cover which should be the same size to that of the calendar circles.

Step 2: Stick the Circles to Make the Top Thick

- Now you have to stick all the circles with the notebook's one in the middle.

Step 3: Body of the Hat

_ To make the body you have to cut a calendar strip as thick as 15 to 17 cm and as long as the circumference of the previously made circle

Step 4: Top + Middle

- To add the top and the middle cut the edge of the length side edge of the middle part into strips (the strips should be of a centimetre)
- Then staple the strips to the edge of the top.(colour the stapler if you don't want it to be seen).

Step 5: Bottom

_ To make the bottom part cut out a big circle with a small circle hole in the middle and the leftover part should be of length 5-8cm.


- In this case it's not the Avengers it's the hat which is to be assembled.
- Cut the other edge of the middle part into strips like you did in one of your previous step
And staple it to the bottom part.

Step 7: Oompa Loofa Willy Wonka

- Now it's time for the decoration part staple a loofa by it's thread to the bottom of the hat through a tiny hole (which you have to make).

Step 8: If Bad

- If yours turns out bad like mine did ,don't worry add laces, tie a bandana or cover it with a cloth like I did but remember the main part is the the loofa

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