Introduction: Loom Band Dog Collar

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I love my dog- A LOT. He normally doesn't wear a collar. This is the new dog collar I have invented! Ta da! Yeah, it's just a fishtail! Don't judge=) And know that you cannot walk your dog with this collar. I hope you enjoy!=D

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need...
•Loom Bands
•Any Loom or Your Fingers
•S-Clip or C-Clip
•Loom Pick or Crochet Needle
•Dog Tag
•Your Dog

Step 2: Figure Eight

Twist a single band into a figure eight.

Step 3: Add Two Bands

Step 4: Fishtail

This collar is a fishtail, hint hint! I bet you already figured that out. Follow the pictures if you don't know how to make a fishtail. If you do know, then you're good!

Step 5:

Step 6: Taking Shape

After a few times of adding and looming, your fishtail will take form.

Step 7: Halfway Done

When you're halfway done, you can add your dog tag!

Step 8: The Dog Tag

I don't have a dog tag for my dog, so I have to use this smiley face charm=) Way better! Take a single band and loop it through he top of your dog tag.

Step 9: Putting It On

Then put the band onto your loom as shown. Loom like normal until you're done. Done means that it will loosely fit around your dog's neck.

Step 10: All Done

My dog has a pretty large neck. He's not fat, just chubby=) Size will vary!

Step 11: Put Your Clip on the End

Step 12: Wear and Enjoy!

Now your dog can wear this cute little collar! Thank you so much for viewing!