Introduction: Lost Glove Owl

The lost glove

It was a cold morning when he discovered he had lost his twin. Lonely laying in the gutter of the street, he was sure this was where it ended. But he was picked up, and taken to a new home. After a nice heart-warming period above the radiator a new life began. Standing on his own legs, with big eyes to see the world, and a little new friend who promised to be his wingmen forever. And instead of the neglect of being lost, he was put on a pedestal, adored and admired.

Here is how he got his new life:

Step 1: Put Some Bone in the Body

It is strange how often I find abandoned gloves in the streets, Especially on winter days that are less cold, so people don't wear them, but tuck them into their coat pockets. Or try to do so... I felt challenged to do something with them. And that is how the owls grew.

It starts with a glove. It is nice if it is a bit sturdy and not too limp. Cut of a piece of iron wire ( I used 1.5 mm thick) and force it into the top of the thumb, an out at the top of the pink. Bend the middle of the wire into a loop and slide it back into the center of the glove.

Step 2: Stand Him on His Own Two Feet

The bird feet require a lot of bending forward and backward.

First bend forward at the heel ,making sure both legs are equally long.

4 cm in front of the leg bend the wire backward

8 cm bend forward

8 cm backward

4 cm forward

4 cm backward

4 cm forward

4 cm backward

press all bends really tight

The pictures tell a much clearer story.

Step 3: Give Him His Fill

Stuff some filling in the middle of the glove. Just a light cloud to prevent the body going totally flat. Don't fill the fingers. Don't fill it to the rim.

Step 4: Don't Make Him Loose His Head

To form the head bend the wrist part of the glove inward at the "belly"side. Shape to other side into a wedge and close that with hand stitching. Bend the triangle downward to the belly side and attach it with a few stitches. Make sure the point ( beak) protrudes a few mm. ( picture 4) Press the eye-sockets inward and it looks already like an owl, even without eyes. His bigger brother is already standing proud besides him.

Step 5: The Eyes Have It

Cut two half circles out of colored paper (35 mm wide) and cover most of the surface with bird feathers. Leave a small rim to glue the cone. Be sure to cover the rounded side so the paper will not be visible in the end result. Apply glue to the bare rim and bend the paper in a cone shape with the feathers facing inward. Buy two "safety eyes" for toy animals ( mine are 20 mm wide). Glue them in the cone. The base plate witch comes with the eyes to attach them in a toy is not used.

Step 6: Now Wing It

Find a second glove. It is nice when it is smaller in size but not really necessary. Fold the wrist part under the fingers. Place it on the body just behind the neck and attach with hand stitching. Put thumb and one finger to one side, the other three fingers to the other side. Flap the wings forward over the head and make little stitches On the under side to keep the fingers attached to each other. Do this not at the top of the fingers, but somewhere halfway to preserve the feather like look of the fingertips. With stitches on the underside flip the wing back over the body in place.

Step 7: Get Rid of the Limp

The pink side of the glove will give a longer cover for the leg as the thumb side. To make them the same tuck the top of the pink inward. Push it in ( with a pencil or the like) until both legs look the same. You can put a dab of glue inside.

Step 8: Make Him Member of the Blackfoot Clan

Paint the legs and feet with acrylic paint. Black is not obligatory. Apply two or three layers to make the paint sturdy enough and cover the gaps in the feet. Let it dry thouroughly between layers.As you can see in the pictures I covered the body temporarily with a piece of cardboard to prevent staining. If you want you can paint a small triangle on the beak as well to give it more definition.

Step 9: Gift of Sight

Cover the whole outside of the eye cone with glue and press it in the socket. Make sure the rim is not visible and attached to thematerial of the glove. You can play a bit with the direction of the eye to give the bird the right expression. The most protruding feathers should be as a brow, pointing upward to the outer sides.

Step 10: What Does a Glove Need to Become Owl?

Besides TLC

Two gloves, preferably one sturdy, one childrens glove
1.10 metre wire ( 1.5 mm)
some filling
scrap paper
plastic safety eyes ( 20 mm)
Acrylic paint ( color of choice)

needle and yarn
all purpose glue

So, be on the lookout for abandoned gloves...., go on owl-prowl

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