Introduction: Love Box

This is a box that folds up and has a heart shape as a handle. It takes very little time to make and is a great gift for Valentines.

Step 1:

Fold the paper in half and flip it around and fold it again in the other direction to make a cross. Then take a corner and fold it to the opposite corner, then do the same for the other corners.

Step 2:

Take the corners and fold them toward the middle. Once you finished you unfold them and then take a corner and fold it toward the crease that you've created with the corner folding, do the same to the corner across from it. Next take one of the corners that has been folded and fold it over and then over again. Do this same step to the other corner that has been folded.

Step 3:

you going to open up one end and Aline the opening with the center crease.Then fold over the top and make sure there are two corners sticking out on each side. Now fold the corners over and then fold the middle corner towards the center were the two other corners almost meet. Then fold it in half and do the exact same process on the other side.

Step 4:

Flip the left tab over and fold the bottom right corner towards the center. Then go up to the top right corner and fold it about the center between the middle and the edge of the paper, then open it and stuff the corner inside and fold it down and then flip the tap over and do the same process to the left tab.

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