Introduction: Love Greeting Card

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With or without reason, we can always express your love to a loved one,
especially if it is something original made by
our own hands.

a proposal for a greeting card, suitable for all occasions.

Step 1: Required Supplies

  1. colored paper - 2 colors
  2. line
  3. pencil
  4. scissors
  5. pen or
    something optional caption
  6. glue

Step 2:

Cut two rectangles / paper of various colors / sizes 20/16cm
the base and 18/14cm upper card.
In the
middle of the smaller rectangle draw a spiral in the form of heart,
as shown in Photo 1,
and then cut to the line - Image 2 . Be very
careful at the beginning of the line to not break the link with the
The larger , in our case - the yellow outline lines with a
distance 1 cm on each side - Image 3 .
Obtained by intersecting
squares in the corners cutting and folding along the lines four sides
- Image 4 .

Step 3:

In the middle of the base we write wish.
Apply glue in the edges of the
small rectangle. Stick it over the large - Picture 6,
and then apply
glue and stick the folded parts.
It gives the card frame - Photo 7.

Liner heart could be
with less or more spins.

It is important to keep the idea of the
revealing heart.

Step 4:

The dimensions of the card are not fixed, with or without a frame - the final one is a matter of personal preference.