Introduction: Funny Dwarf

About: Handmade dolls, jewelry, accessories, decorations, hats, scarves, gloves, bags and everything to which the imagination takes us ...
It's a Dwarf - sweet girl who lives in the town of dwarves,
somewhere far beyond the northern mountains and very close to Santa's house,
on "Christmas" street, № just the first left.

Step 1: Materials and Body Shaping

First and indispensable condition for making Christmas dwarf is fabulously good mood.

Materials needed for production are thin sock silicon down stuffing, thread, yarn for hair, fabric for the clothing.
More than half of the sock is filled with silicone and tied.

With tightening thread formed head first and then the feet.
Under the same way we can formed the arms.
To avoid displacement of forms, it is desirable to fix with needle and thread.

Step 2: Hair, Eyes, Nose ...

Shaping the nose is done with a needle. Sew in circles and then tighten.
Maybe a few extra stitches to form.
Then make the eyes and mouth with the desired thread color.
For the hair is used yarn that is sewn on both sides of the head.
The hands are made from the top of the sock, filled with silicon down again.

Step 3: The Clothes

For sewing clothes can show imagination - dress, skirt or trousers and of course the obligatory accessory - Christmas pointed hat.

Step 4: