Introduction: Love Symbol Face Paint (Inspired by Prince)

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Pay tribute to the legendary Prince Rogers Nelson with this purple inspired face paint!

Step 1: Watch the Video

This video shows how I painted the cheek art version of the design! You can watch the video here or on YouTube using this link:

Step 2: Purple Reign

Now, you can paint your face with either version of the love symbol in Prince's honor! May the Purple Warrior rest in peace!

Note: The second image you see here is actually a picture I posted on Facebook recently with my first take on the love symbol (with a few mishaps). So, if you want to paint this like an eye design, please refer to the image of the symbol on my hand for reference. Here's why: the most important thing to establish when face painting an eye design is placement, and knowing that size can matter at certain times. But, other than that, enjoy it and wear your purple face paint with pride!

You can see the photo of my eye design (along with the latest posts of my cheek art version of the design) using this link:

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