Introduction: Low Salt Reduced Fat Potato Chips in 3 Minutes !

Healthy potato chip hack. Make your own from raw whole potatoes ? Get a life!! Try this hack for GREAT tasting chips in just 3 to 6 minutes!!!

Step 1: Preheat Air Fryer to 350 Deg. ...or... Conventional Oven to 365 Deg

Air Fryer method #1 Rinse two cups of bagged chips in very hot water in sauce pan Three rinses 5 secs each draining each time thru colander.. Load chips into Air Fryer so they do not touch. Air fry at 350 deg for 6 minutes shaking and checking spacing at 3 minutes. Check for desired chrispness ..load onto plate ..pat and tumble in paper towels...your done...unbelievable taste and crunch!!! 6 minutes!!! Look at the oil in fry basket that came off the chips....fat and calories have been reduced ...salt has been cut maybe 75%.

Step 2: Air Fryer Method #2. Prep Time Cut to Only 3 Minutes

After chip rinses load wet chips into a plastic or paper bag with one qtr tsp of CORN STARCH and shake to coat chips. This will make chips very reluctant to stick together...much easier to load into fry basket with separation ...Air Fry for ONlY 3 Minutes ...Check for desired chrispness..You will be amazed at super CRUNCH and light taste...nearly sodium free !!!

Step 3: Conventional Oven Method...preheat to 365 Degs

Make a DYI chrisper pan for a large batch prep. Obtain a standard aluminum foil roasting pan and using a screw driver or other pointed implement puncture the bottom of the pan as many times as 50 to 100 punctures. Cut the ends of pan and fold them down under pan to create "legs". All prep is same as steps 1or2 ....bake for 15 to 20 minutes at 365. But check at 15 minutes for desired chrispness. MUST reduce cook time if using the corn starch. Check at 8 minutes

Step 4: The Burn Test Does Not Lie !!!

Look at the original bagged chips flaming away while the rinsed and air fryer chips have ceased burning

Step 5: Seasoning Ideas

Want to add some SODIUM FREE seasoning that really works ??? Look at kettle corn POPCORN seasonings. Most show no salt. Combine if desired with garlic powder. These really work well. Hope you enjoyed my low tech photos !! have got to try this hack if you want to avoid the total prep hassle and sketchy results of DYI chips from scratch !!!

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