Introduction: Low Table and Stools

A nicely combined set for multiple use, indoors or outdoors.

Step 1: A Nice Set

Within a week I created this nice Low Sitting Set, two stools and a table, you can have them by the fireplace or your garden, or your hobby constructions or even for little children to play on or having their lunch.

You can move each piece very easily, as it is light, you can combine them and pile them for storage if you want to keep them inside.

Step 2: Pallet Wood

It happened to find a pallet of a very good quality wood, with almost fully covered upside. This provided the idea for this set. Easily cut the 2/3 square part, removing the blocks and saving the rest beams. They needed a good sanding to reveal clearer surface and make them flat, especially on the top side.

Step 3: Upside and Sides

I combined the legs (a vertical narrower against the normal beam) x 4pcs. The wider beams had a both-side route cut by themselves which I kept outside and offers a nice looking worked-out, instead of a common simple straight leg. Three dowels (8mm) fixed from outwards on the vertical added on the main beam offered an attractive element of "higher art", as well as the bigger dowel (18mm) fixing the cross beams from one leg to the other. Cross beams were put externally at the long side and internally at the short.

No screws this time, only very hard glue, for external use and more careful finishing and fixing. The result was really strong and accurate fixing permitting the legs standing themselves vertical, without any support.

Step 4: The Stools

Their height at 35cm, provide a comfort seating in an area of 28x35cm (two wide beams glued together side by side). I preferred to have the legs in an angle. A trianguar 3x3cm was cut out in the internal side to give another sense in the structure. Similarly, with a dowel (18mm) fixed on each beam to make them strong enough to support any weight. The same dowel connects the lower ends (10cm from the bottom). You can easily handle them from there to move, upturn or just rest your foot. The main purpose remains the strengthening of the legs (not to share apart from the weight or lose their balance) and keep the distance steady.

Step 5: A Nice Set

Proportianally a nice combination, gives a comfortable access to the table of a height of 50cm and a surface of 65x50cm. You can keep the two stools under, side by side to save space, or upon the table upside down.

Step 6: Colour Too

A double layer of stain (cherry) and a varnish over it gave this result, made it attractive, warm looking and more furniture-like. Different stain qualities and varnish may give different results in colour tones. Also, any smudges on the wood are apparent under light colours and transparent varnishes. Your personal choice may drive to the result you want, after some trials with different brands. Lighter colours turn to be darker after time and repeating layers on them. So, it is better to keep light stains as the different wood quality absorbs it differently but lets the waters be looking live under it.

I hope this publishing enjoyed you again and inspired enough for a small, easy structure for a week's work or so.