Introduction: Small Green Trees

This is the result of a project with a pair of small trees as decorative items. The moon is an older small project, which accompanied me in this one.

Step 1: A Pair of Green Trees

The small trees were posted right and left of my entrance and is a part of Christmas decorative items. You notice the Welcome board again here, as they were created simultaneously.

Step 2: Simple Wooden Construction

Wood taken out form pallet beams were connected with dowels to form a level surface and then cut in a form of a fir or Christmas tree. A set of four beams at the height of 60cm (half of the 120cm length of the pallet beam) is a practical size.

The addition is a base for candles to add in the night atmosphere. Easily cut in rectangulars, with the proper hole and glued against the vertical sides. Proper orange glasses are easily found in the shops.

A heavy prefererred in rectangular,basement, keeps each tree standing securely.

Step 3: A Pair, Both Sides

Different levels, with two candles in each side.

Step 4: Green

I painted them with a wood preservative deep green stain. Then sanded well to keep the structure of the wood, as like you have the sense of touching it, although it is absolutely smooth and varnished well to resist rain and weather elements, as they stay out year round.

Try it. It is a simple creative step.