Introduction: Lucille Bat Walking Dead

If you've seen my first lucille bat tutorial then you'll know it looks a lot different, however it's actually the same bat. After a while of displaying my bat I decided that I wanted to make a TV accurate one; so I did.

I took out the staples and completely binned the barbed wire as it was covered in paint and fake blood (I still had some unused barbed wire left over from the first bat). I then hosed down the bat and took off the grip tape I had added.

I was now ready to start over.

Step 1: What You're Going to Need

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is important, especially considering we're working with barbed wire, please just be safe and wear it if you can.

I bought my barbed wire and baseball bat both off amazon. Ideally you're going to have a new baseball bat ready to work with, or even an old one will do! It's just that mine was already covered in stuff from a previous project.

You also want a walnut coloured wood stain (optional of course), some metal staples, wire cutters and a hammer.

Step 2: Sanding

First thing you're going to want to do is get rid of the protective coat around the bat. Now this is optional as you might already be happy with the colour of your bat, this is only if you want to wood stain it or add fake blood etc.

This step is simple enough, just sand the bat down to bare wood. :)

Step 3: Staining

Using a wood stain of your chosen colour, you're going to want to lay down some newspapers and find an old rag or a paintbrush or kitchen towel etc or something that you don't mind getting dirty (I used an old top).

Dip your rag or whatever into the varnish and start paining your bat! You might want to do a couple of layers until you're happy with the colour.

Step 4: The Black Ring

The bat Negan uses is a Louisville Slugger bat, so it has the logo just without the writing in it, and it's a pretty distinctive feature.

To re create this ring is very easy, all you need to do is paint the circle using normal black acrylic paint and a suitable sized brush, and then wait for it to dry.

Once it's dry grab a bit of sand paper and sand it a bit, just so that it looks worn out.

Step 5: The Barbed Wire

Now for the tricky part!

First you want to make sure you're wearing your gloves and safety glasses.

Take out the barbed wire and stretch some of it out. Take one end of the wire and secure it to the lower end of the bat using a staple and your hammer; this can be very tricky so patience is required.

Once it's secured start wrapping the barbed wire tightly around the bat and securing it with staples when ever you feel necessary. As already mentioned this is tricky to do as barbed wire can be very resisting so be sure to use your environment to help you! For example I used the desk leg in my room to wrap some of the wire around so that I could wrap the bat without having to hold onto the barbed wire.

After it is nicely wrapped and secured, you should have your very own Lucille! I love mine and I hope you will love yours too, happy making everyone!