Introduction: Lucky Number / Wedding Table Number Display

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Display your lucky number in a pretty picture frame, or use this project to make table numbers for your next wedding or any other special occasion!

Step 1: Materials

This beautiful "number" requires the following materials...

  • small picture frame
  • glass number
  • glue gun / glue sticks
  • fabric
  • scissors
  • any small embellishments to dress up your frame (I'm using butterflies)

Step 2: Prep Frame and Backing

First, carefully take out the glass, and cover the wooden backing with a piece of fabric, and a bit of hot glue.

Note: The glass of this frame has already been taken out, and use for the Shadow Box Dioramas project.

Step 3: Add Number & Small Embellishments

Then, attach your number to the front of the fabric. Then, add some small embellishments around your frame. You can use flowers, butterflies, buttons, whatever! As long as you make it look beautiful!

Step 4: Ready to Display

Now, it's ready to display! You can display this on your table or shelf. Or you can make several and use them for your table numbers, especially when you're planning your wedding, Sweet 16, or any special occasion that involves a little bit of sparkle!

Note: In the Materials section, I just put a white picture frame, but here I switched it to black because I wanted the frame to pop out against the white fabric, without making it overpowering.

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