Introduction: Luke Skywalker Helmet (Rebel X Wing Helmet)

My son really wanted to wear one of those cheap costumes that come with a plastic mask but he was a bit dissappointed that it was too shabby so I decided to make a helmet for him on a budget.

And yes, I am aware the overall is Poe Dameron's and the Helmet is Luke's, lets just.... OK?

I saw a video that gave me this idea, I will look for it and post it just in case you need more details.

Step 1: Get a Baseball Helmet and Cut the Visor Thingy.

I got this one from the Goodwill store for 4 dollars, it was covered in stickers but other than that it was a perfect fit and had the perfect shape, this is a Rawlings Softball helmet I think, it also had the face mask that I had to discard.

I could've done a better job with a dremel but I do not own one so I had to use a drill to make a line of holes and then just rip the part off, I also had to use a file to remove the sharp edge.

Step 2: The Curve on Top of the Helmet.

I originally wanted to make this out of eva foam but I had none left and I wanted to make this project as cheap as I could so I went for the almighty cardboard.

I forgot to take pictures of the process but it is basically a rectangle, make 3/4 of an inch flaps and fold them to create the shape and make some cuts every half inch or so just to force the carboard to bend, I used a dab of hot glue on each fold to make it firm.

Step 3: Glue the Cardboard Piece to the Helmet.

At this point it looks like a roman hoplite helmet.

Just find the center of the helmet and paste it with as much hot glue as you want/need.

Notice that the carboard piece is not rectangular all the way into the back, just cut the flap to match it with your helmet's shape.

Step 4: Prep for Painting.

Notice that I missed the center, I also used some tape to secure it to the helmet while the glue was drying.

As I mentioned this helmet was utterly covered in stickers, make sure it is totally clean and free of adhesives or dust before painting it.

I found a broken phone headset that kinda looked like a mic so I will add that at the end with hot glue.

Step 5: White Primer.

I got a can of white primer for 3.50 at Walmart and I used probably half.

Make sure you cover the inner areas with tape or the sponges will absorb a LOT of paint.

Step 6: Design and Details.

This is the hardest part for me, I had to freehand most of the design with a pencil while looking at images of the helmet in google, I used a Black sharpie and a Red one to create the basic design, you can go the extra mile by "decaling" the design and maybe spraying.

I had some security goggles laying around so I repurposed them and glued them into the rim of the helmet, I KNOW the resistance has yellow tinted visors but I had to improvise.

I am also missing a few details such as the yellow lines but I could not find a suitable yellow marker, you can see that the one I used was already fading out but my son is not so picky about that.

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