Introduction: Lumpy Space Princess

About: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, i'm an art teacher, and also make paper mache
Make the princess as a puppet

Step 1: Gather the Materials, and First Step

FOam (like 1 inch wide)
adhesive for foam
two pieces of wire
one marker
utility knife

First step
Using an existing image of LSP, make a cardborad template slightly larger than the original. Fold the template and cut both sides at once to get simetry

Step 2: Mark Two Arms Too and Cut the Foam

Mark the arms.
Cut with scissors the foam as straight as possible

Step 3: Put the Adhesive on the Thickness

And let it dry for a minutes

After its dry, joint the parts by pinching it, make this with the body and arms

Step 4: MAke the Details

Make the hand by the same method, start by putting some adhesive, let it dry, then joint by pinching both sides. To make the fingers mark the gap between with the marker and do the magic with your scissors.
Let the bottom part open to put your hand inside of it.
Put the wire inside the arms and mark were put them on the body. Let the adhesive dry...

Step 5: NOw Its Time to Dye

put half a jar of paint diluted in some water.
Put the Princess on her royal bath and squeeze the excess of water

(at the first picture: i tried to cover the surface before the coloured bath, but  purple water leaked too )

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Paint the yellow star, the eyes and the eyebrows

You can use this princess as a puppet too
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